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Monday, March 24, 2008

An Easter Tradition We Can All Appreciate!

Easter Traditions

Big Night Monday (Easter Monday)

Easter Monday is associated with boys pouring water over girls in Slovakia, and in Western Slovakia the tradition also includes the boys whipping the girls with thin willow branches. The tradition was that if the girls wanted to be beautiful, healthy and full of life, they must not try and avoid the water soaking or the whippings.

The Easter whips were made, and still are today, from freshly cut willow branches. It was believed that by whipping the girls with the freshly made whip, all the fertility and life powers from the willow tree would be transferred into the girl. Meanwhile, the water that was sprinkled on the girls was supposed to bring health and beauty.

As well as getting to cane the girls and throw water over them, the boys would also, in return for their endeavors, receive special treats from each of the girls. Treats would include painted eggs, which symbolized fertility, sweets, cakes and glasses of local spirits, such as Borovicka. The boys would collect the gifts and then have a party in the evening, to which the girls were also invited, of course.