The Wall 'O Spanking!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Truly Incredible Photography

What an awesome pic!!! That look of apprehension on her face is priceless!

See more of John Dietrich's work HERE.

Katie Price (Jordan) a Spanko!!!

From this MAXIM article:

Girls Sports Videos Maxim
Meet Britain’s surprisingly good answer to Pamela Anderson.

Maxim, Mar 2004

As seen in: British Maxim, January 2004

Her story: After nearly nine years of modeling and high-profile boyfriends, Jordan has managed to become one of England’s favorite sex symbols for, um, two very big reasons. And as luck would have it, the British bombshell is more than happy to share both 36FF reasons with the world—after a round of Everclearitinis, that is. “Once I’ve had a few drinks, I start flashing my boobs,” confesses the starlet, whose mum knows her as Katie Price. Considering her penchant for showing off her best assets, it’s little surprise that Jordan—no relation—likes to get a little freaky-deaky in the sack. “I’ve whipped and caned guys when I’ve thought they deserved it,” she admits. “Evil can be fun, but I reckon I’m on my way to heaven—I’m an angel.” Can we get an amen?

It's Not NICE to Hate!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where were you?

Where were you in September 1975?

I remember walking into a 7-11 and this magazine cover JUMPED off of the shelf at me! Of course, at that time, I was convinced that I was the only person in the world who had an interest in spanking. After all, this was long before the Internet came along and information on the subject was scarce to say the least. So, I kept going back to the store every day or so, pretending to be looking for something else, but secretly catching a peek at the cover. I could not bring myself to buy it. I just knew that if I did, everyone would know my secret!

I did find an original copy many years later and this time, I bought it!

Where were you in 1975?

Elise Sutton has a new Book!!!

From Her Site: "
Experience is the knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone. An experience is the process of personally participating in an activity, event or lifestyle. Fantasy does not always translate over to reality because reality must contend with the bodily limitations of the physical world, whereas fantasy enjoys the unlimited boundaries of the imagination. Therefore, an actual experience may not match the expectations of the fantasy. Nevertheless, fantasy is often the product of reality. For one person’s fantasy is another person’s reality.

In her book, “Female Domination: An exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority”, notable FemDom author Elise Sutton examined the prevalent male desire to be sexually dominated by a woman. Now in “The FemDom Experience”, Elise further examines the Female Domination lifestyle by once again taking the reader into the personal relationships and sexual practices of everyday people who live astonishing secret lives.

Fantasy can whet the appetite for a FemDom experience but the creative expressions of one’s desires must at some point intersect with reality. Consequently, the male desire for loving female authority must be reconciled with the needs of the female nature. Some men merely fantasize about Female Domination but other men come to the realization that submission to a woman is not a fantasy but rather a willing condition of the heart.

“The FemDom Experience” is a collection of personal stories of people (past and present) who have observed, participated and encountered the Female Domination lifestyle, not as fantasy but as reality. "The FemDom Experience" looks at the Pro Dom Experience, the Relationship Experience and the Group Experience. Elise adds insight and commentary as she examines what constitutes a successful FemDom relationship."

You can order the book HERE

It is also available from

Read more about the book HERE

Monday, July 09, 2007

Beautiful Paddles!

These are nearly a work of ART!!! Check them out HERE!