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Monday, November 30, 2009

Quantum Mechanics Goes Kinky!!!

Via Twitter:

I am often surprised by google image searches."Quantum Mechanics" gives you two girls in santa suits spanking each other. right.

I tried it and this is what I found:

The Quantum Mechanics of Santa Claus

Christmas Gift Ideas from Paddles and Panties!

Behind the Scenes Sillyness from Pixie at Punished Brats!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blake Lively Gets a Spanking and Kind of Enjoys It

There's a lot more to the new film The Private Lives of Pippa Lee than a group of pretty women experimenting with S&M. But is it really that surprising that a scene in which Julianne Moore commands Blake Lively to receive a spanking has generated some prurient buzz?

Don't Wear the Sticker if You Don't Mean It!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old Fashioned Girl Goes PINK!!!

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Wow! We just surpassed the 10,000 visitor mark! We had 749 visitors yesterday alone!!!

Thanks to all who visit here and link to us!

Happy Spankings!!!

Videogame Ff Spanking!!!

Caddy spanking 2:10 into the clip!

The making of a video dominatrix!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Carmen Electra is "Handy with a Whip and a Pair of Handcuffs

So are you handy with a whip and a pair of handcuffs?
Oh yeah. Someone bought me exactly that as a present. I think they meant it as a joke, so they were a bit surprised when I used them all the time. In the wrong hands, the whip can be painful, but I’m an expert at handling it, so it’s a very erotic thing. That’s what I say to girls – if your man steps out of line, give him a little whip.

Is it true that at school you made a boy carry your books to class every day?
Ooh yes, I did. I was tough, but I had this sweet innocence about me, so I could get away with it. I learnt at a very young age because I had four brothers who bullied me all the time, so when I went to school I took it out on the boys there. I guess I’ve always had an inner dominatrix waiting to get out!

Read the entire story HERE:

'Spanking' plan for airline's rival

A BUDGET airline chief who described the French as “lazy frogs” after disruption to one of his flights earlier this year came up with another “spanking” slogan today. On his airline’s website, boss Philip Meeson has posted a picture of himself spanking a naked bottom that has been superimposed on to the body of British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh. The picture publicises what Jet2 describe as “six spanking” new routes it is starting at Manchester airport, where BA is one of its competitors. A Jet2 spokesman said today: “The picture of Willie Walsh is just a bit of fun but the serious message is that we are challenging BA at Manchester.” The new routes, which will commence in spring 2007, are to Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Toulouse, Venice and Warsaw. Tickets for the new routes are on sale from tomorrow. At Easter, Mr Meeson labelled French authorities “lazy frogs” on his airline’s website after a French air traffic control strike hit Jet2 services.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Busted!!! Music Videos Feature Spanking!!!

Here are two humourous music videos by British group "Busted".

In the first, Crashed the Wedding, we have a crossdressed waitress spanking a wedding guest.

In this video, "That's What I Go To School For", we have a hot teacher caning a peeping tom student!

Friday, November 06, 2009

San Francisco Santa Spankings!!!

I Want a Spanky Spanky!!!

Big Week for Celebrity Spanking News!

Well, gentle readers, it has been one BIG week for celebrity spanking news!!!

First, we have Jessica Alba in a hot spanking scene in her new movie, The Killer Inside Me.

Then we find out that Nicole Kidman likes it rough...

Finally, news breaks that Jennifer Lopez is into spanking and bondage!!!

Life is good!!!

Jennifer Lopez Digs Spankings & Bondage

And now, thanks to her ex-husband Ojani Noa, everyone’s going to see Jennifer Lopez’s kinky self, running around in a bra and panties in an eleven hour marathon sex tape.

This isn’t “Jenny From The Block” anymore, kids. It’s more like, “Jenny’s On The C*ck”. She was seen staring into a mirror, in nothing but her undies along with getting spanked by Ojani, because that’s how she rolls.

Read the entire store HERE:

Cornell Employees' Email Blunder from Hell

A tech consultant at Cornell University somehow CCed the entire campus emails to his mistress, a Cornell staffer and fellow married person. The naughty man is in no position to be "SPANKING that FINE ASS of yours" now!

Read the entire story HERE!!!

Montage at AmberPaddledPink Features a Halloween Theme

Make video montages at

She is so cute! Be sure to check out Amber's Site at


She Makes REALLY cute paddles to!!!

Nicole Kidman Admits to a Kinky Love Life!!!

She has always remained tight-lipped about her ten-year marriage to actor Tom Cruise and vows she will take all her secrets to the grave.

But in one of her most revealing-ever interviews, Nicole Kidman let slip how her experiences of love ranged from ‘mundane’ marriage to ‘strange sexual fetish stuff’.

The 42-year-old actress, currently married to country singer Keith Urban, said her life had been about exploring different types of love.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This Traffic is Just TORTURE!!!

A DOMINATRIX who offered punters squeals on wheels in her mobile torture chamber has been fined after her saucy antics drove motorists to distraction.

A Halloween Spanking on Her Bare BEEhind!!!