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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Love Hurts!!! Fun Toys!!!

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Pretty Maids, All in a Row!

We Received an Order of Merit!!!

MarQe's Study Order of Merit

There are a lot & I mean a LOT of Spanking Blogs out there of all shapes & sizes. Invariably there are some rubbish ones, brilliant ones, boring ones & exciting varieties also !! What we need more off are blogs like the one I have decided to award my next 'MarQe's Study Order of Merit' to .......


Crying Towels!

This is just one of several cute "Crying Towels" avaialble at Cane-iac. Check them out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Are There So Many, THONGS About Rainbows!

A reader suggested that this should be retitled "Why are there so many THONGS about rainbows". I agree and have made the change!!!

Our Little Secret!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surreal Evening Last Night...

What a strange evening. I had dinner with some business associates and the conversation spontaneously turned to corporal punishment. I had to sit quietly through 20 minutes of them telling stories of how their parents punished them. "Well, one time when I was 7, my mom..." and "That ain't nuthin! One time with I was 10, my dad,". It was all I could do not to say "Oh, Yeah??? Well JUST LAST NIGHT... "... But I restrained myself.

But wait, it gets better. After dinner, I was standing at the bar when the manager opened a drawer and pulled out a CROP!!! I am NOT making this up! He pulled it out and started pointing and shaking it at the very attractive bartender! I said, "Well, I guess this restaurant is serious about employee discipline". The bartender just smiled and said "It's for unruly customers.

I felt like I was in a dream...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Spanking: How to Give / How to Get

"My husband is pretty good at making sure he gets in at least one swat a day ;-), however it has been a fair while since he has given me a ceremonial spanking.Now by ceremonial I do not mean anything like the Aztecs did; where he sacrifices something before spanking me (very weird), nor do I mean ceremonial as in wearing robes or having witnesses to officiate the act.What I do mean however is something that is a little planned out in that glorious mind of his, perhaps a bit of corner time and lots of talking (I like talking during spankings), or maybe an outfit laid out on the bed with an anticipated wait for the inevitable.Oh how I do love a ceremonial spanking, with his calm and collected manner, that low and dominating tone of voice and the length of time it takes – pure enjoyment and pleasure if I do say so myself. So keeping my fingers crossed, he has showed signs recently of it happening very soon! "
I thought that the above paragraphs from The Good Wives Guide were a good way to set the scene for the following excerpt fromHow to Give a Spanking : Advice from the Receiving End ( Variant Books, 2009 . All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission . )
In addition to the advice below , readers might also consider wearing a glove ( leather , cycling , gardening or rubber ) to enhance the spanking experience . Gloves will protect the spanker's hand during long spankings .
The rest of the book is well worth reading and deals with adult spanking in a sensitive but practical manner . As I well know , it is very difficult to compartmentalise spanking advice . Many aspects of spanking are interrelated and variable . I would suggest that first timers quickly read and discuss the book , do a little practice to find out what suits , and then go back to the book to refine their spanking activities .

What Is Work? Kinky Sex and a 401K!

Today, we meet Mollena Williams, a woman whose passion for kinky sex led to her dream career as the "Executive Pervert" for the alternative lifestyle dating sites and .

The Perils of Public Play!!!

X-Ray Vision!!! =8-)

The Female Disciplinary Manual

"The Nanny" Deserves a Spanking!!!

When Love Strikes...

CUTE!!! The Daddy Darling Mug and T-Shirt!

The Daddy Darling Mug
is a favorite of Zoey! She drinks coffEE out of her mug every day.
She also reads the poem that was written by Da Janitor and has it memorized.
It's the perfect poem for little girls and their Daddy's everywhere. Now you can own a Daddy Darling mug too!

Daddy Darling if you please,
Let me lie across your knee,
With bottom up and panties down,
So you can spank me sore and sound!

Spank my bottom hot and red,
So I'll remember what you said,
And keep forever in my mind,
The lessons learned on my behind!

Check out the matching
Daddy Darling Poem T-shirt.
This pink T-shirt makes a great night shirt!
Zoey loves wearing her Daddy Darling night shirt when she has a sore red behind.

Mommie REARest!!! LOL

Had to laugh out loud at the title of this video!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Birthday Spanking iPhone App!!!

I guess there really IS an iPhone app for everything!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

You Just CAN'T Make This Stuff Up!!!

Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Scented... ENEMAS?????

Product Description Butt Pirate is a disposable enema that is unlike anything else available. Other brands are just saline water. Butt Pirate is antibiotic, antimicrobial, moisturizing and has twice the fluid of other brands! And it is also Vegan! It deodorizes, safely evacuates and leaves you ready for light to extreme butt play!

And, just in case you think I am bullshitting you.... these are available from AMAZON!!!

X-Rated Ring Toss!!! =8~)

JUST when you thought you had seen it ALL!!!
Loser is in the perfect position for a SPANKING!!!

New "Blush" Line from SportSheets!!!

This new line of toys will have you "Thinking Pink"!!!

Cool New Blog!!! Check it Out!

Monday, August 03, 2009

This photo caught my eye and encouraged me to visit

Effective advertising at its best!!!

Paddles and Panties!